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VRTeleport is born from the long experience in publishing & digital communication.

That’s why every project is crafted at 360°.


In showbiz and marketing every new format has always needed to involve more and more people to succeed.
VR (Virtual Reality) is finally at the stage where it has become a huge opportunity, not only in gaming, but more and foremost for immersive communication and emotional marketing.

A picture says a thousand words.

If it is a 360° image, all becomes much more engaging.

Virtual Reality, Real Experience

360 Virtual Tour

Often only one picture is not enough to tell the whole story of a special place: the ideal solution to offer a 360° immersive experience is VRteleport® on the Web enjoyable from PC and Mobile.

No need for special Apps, nor top of the range devices. You just need a normal Html5 compatible Web browser to «teleport» yourself in an easy to navigate Virtual Reality to discover far away places comfortably seated at your desk or from your couch. You just need a VR Visor (similar to Google® Cardboard®), your smartphone and a VRteleport® link to let the future begin: “Beam me up, Scotty!”

Everywhere, from here!

Increase your visibility

To chose the right place to go might be a tricky decision and time is precious. Especially if you travel and don’t find what you expected starting from a partial knowledge. Provide deep and interactive informations, show every detail from every point of view, inspire trustworthiness in your prospects allowing them to visit your location before arriving with a high quality Virtual Tour.

Some accomplishments

Let yourself be teleported into luxury, travel through history of automotive industry. Now imagine the emotions your place can generate your
personalized Virtual Tour.

The Virtual Tour can be integrated into your website to safeguard the investment, with no need of plug-ins nor specific dedicated applications, immersive experience with VR Visors, easily accessible with a simple QR Code.

Luxury Italian Locations – Villa Rubini Redaelli
Luxury Italian Locations – Villa del Bono
Luxury Italian Locations – Villa Troubetskoy
Alfa Romeo Museum
1000 Miglia Museum
Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

Personalized VR Visors

With the specific Visors made for Virtual Reality (like Google® Cardboard®) the experience becomes so real to be almost indistinguishable form reality.

Offer personalized and branded VR Visor to let people live your places again and again. Emotional & Experiential Marketing starts here.

VR2 Visor is foldable, smartly packaged in its cardboard envelope printed in your corporate branding identity in a ingenious form factor.

GC2 Visor is pre-assembled, provided with velcro hooking and integrated push button, packaged in a personalized slider.

360 Video

Look around! It’s like being in the center of the stage. Always.

When you face especially interesting and adventurous situations, you don’t just look ahead of you, but all around you.

So why not communicate with 360° videos?

*works with Firefox and Chrome

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